These photos were mostly taken in the White Mountains, Tuolumne Meadows and Mono Lake. Although that sentence makes it sound like the pictures were taken 'in' Mono Lake, which is not the case. They were taken around, near to, and close to Mono Lake, but not in, under or below.

Tufa Towers, Mono Lake

Lone Bristle Cone Pine Tree enjoying the view of the Milky Way

White Mountain wildflowers

Reflections of Unicorn Peak

Tufa Towers at Night

Wildflowers and a Galaxy

The Last of the Moonlight, White Mountains

Looking Upwards

Gnarled Old Tree

Barely Holding On

The Heart of a Giant

Moonlit Tufa Towers

Man sitting in a fragile restoration area

Tuolumne River

A patch of grass and dirt resting under the Milky Way

Lake Tuolumne Meadows

A long way to Town

Lake Tuolumne Morning