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Wildfire Updates: I happened to be in Lee Vining, California when the Walker fire near June Lake erupted. It was pretty frightening to see the fire raging uncontrollably and so close to town. Adding to that feeling was the fact that I had just left Humboldt County where lightning fires near Ruth Lake and Blocksburg had the entire area in a stir. On the way down south I passed by the Rocky fire which burned close to seventy thousand acres around Clear Lake. After the seeing the Walker fire, I headed down to Sequoia National Park and came across the Rough Fire. It's been interesting and scary to see the effects of bad forest management and the climate change coming together this year.

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This past summer (2015) I had the opportunity to finally build a studio cabin out in the woods. It was a great learning experience to see how bare land can quickly turn into a warm, dry home in a few months. Click here for more info.


I took a drive up through the north western part of the country because I wanted to see if it would be a good place to buy land and build a studio. Throughout the drive, I kept on coming across all these volcanoes and what not. So I figured I'd make it a dual purpose trip by hitting up all the major volcanic areas along this part of the Ring of Fire and finishing it off with a dash out to Yellowstone.

Words: California  |  Oregon  |  Washington  |  Yellowstone  
Pictures: California  |   Oregon  |   Washington  |   Yellowstone
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